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Mobile identitity

The Mobile.ID mobile app is a digital credential of the highest authentication level, which provides each person who holds an activated electronic identity card issued in the Republic of Croatia with a mobile identity and allows such person to access the e-Citizens system and all other e-Services available via mobile phones with the highest level of security.

DTC - Digital Travel Credential: is a digital version of a physical passport with the highest level of security. It enables faster and easier crossing of the border.


The eIDCard is also a digital credential featuring the highest level of authentication, which allows any person who holds an activated electronic identity card issued in Croatia to obtain a mobile identity and have access to the eCitizens system including all its services.

The user can access the Certilia system login interface via and the system automatically assigns the user a unique Mobile.ID personal credential.

The Mobile.ID credential allows the user to be authenticated via his/her user account and the mobile app installed in a smartphone.

The Certilia Mobile.ID app for using mobile credentials is supported by both Android and iOS devices.

How can a citizen obtain a mobile credential?


Each citizen who has activated his/her electronic identity card will receive a mobile credential by registering into the Certilia system via Each Certilia system user is automatically assigned a Mobile.ID personal mobile credential.

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Frequently asked questions

What are mobile credentials/remote (mobile) certificates?

A mobile certificate is a digital credential providing users with a digital identity, thus allowing them to log into the e-Citizens system with the highest level of security.

What are the advantages of mobile certificates?

Mobile certificates provide users with a digital identity, which allows for qualified electronic signing of documents without a card reader.

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