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CP and CPS

AKD PKI Certificate Policy (CP)

The AKD PKI Certificate Policy specifies a set of rules and security criteria for managing certification procedures for an electronic identification card (eID) and the use of certificates in eID.

The acceptability of a certificate type for a given purpose, such as a group of users or an electronic service, is established based on this document.

AKD PKI Certificate Policy v2.5

HRIDCA Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

The HRIDCA Certification Practice Statement defines the procedures and measures that Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o. and the Ministry of the Interior use to manage certification procedures for electronic identity cards (eID), natural persons, and stakeholders when using the certificate on the eID.

The Certification Practice Statement adheres to the AKD PKI's Certificate Policy (CP).

HRIDCA Certification Practice Statement v2.4

CP archive

AKD PKI Certificate Policy v2.4

AKD PKI Certificate Policy v2.3

AKD PKI Certificate Policy v2.2

AKD PKI Certificate Policy v2.1

AKD PKI Certificate Policy v2.0

CPS archive

HRIDCA Certification Practice Statement v2.3

HRIDCA Certification Practice Statement v2.2

HRIDCA Certification Practice Statement v2.0

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