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Electronic ID

Each eOI contains personally identifiable information that are printed on the surface of the card and which are electronically stored in the chip card.

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You'll need the following items before you can start using your eID:

  • electronic ID card
  • the information for activating the eID contained in the secure envelope that came with the eID
  • computer with internet access
  • reader according to specifications
  • free eID middleware software package.

To utilize eID, you will need a smart card reader.

If your computer does not have an integrated reader, you need to provide an external USB card reader.

The technical requirements for USB smart card readers for eID are listed below:

  • ISO7816
  • PC/SC compliance
  • your computer's operating system's proper driver
  • USB 2.0.

How to activate your eIDCard?


the eIDCard;


the PIN envelope;


a computer with Internet access


a card reader;

Before using eOI, carefully read the instructions and be fully informed on the correct mode of installation, activation and usage of eOI.

Activation of eID

Software package eID Middleware enables the use of eID.

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What do you need?

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During the procedure of card activation, the following is being installed: PIN1 to protect identification private key, PIN2 to protect the private signature key and PUK data that is used in the event that any of the PINs is locked

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Types and Validity of eID

The period of validity for identity cards and certificates is five years, except for identity cards issued to people over 65 years of age which are issued without the expiry period.

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Lost or Stolen eID

The person is obliged to immediately report the disappearance, suspected abuse or finding of identity card to the nearest police administration or police station.

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The legal framework for eID

The identity card is an electronic public document by which a Croatian citizen proves his/her identity, Croatian citizenship, sex, date of birth and place of residence in the Republic of Croatia.

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