Frequently Asked Questions

Ako ste prethodno aktivirali eOI, te nakon toga zaključali istu, možete pokrenuti postupak otključavanja preko eID client aplikacije uz uvjet da znate PUK koji ste si također sami dodijelili. Ako znate puk, a niste zaključali karticu, zaključajte ju krivim unosom PIN-a te pokrenite postupak otključavanja preko eID Clienta.

Ako ste zaboravili Pin i PUK broj a zaključali ste si eOI, potrebno je u policijskoj upravi ili postaji zatražiti izdavanje novog inicijalnog PIN-a.

For a successful registration on the Portal, it is required to have an initial password which is contained in the security envelope that you will receive during the presentation of the electronic identity card. Registration on the Portal is not possible without this information. When you enter the initial password, you should also pay attention to small and large letters, whether the caps lock is turned on, make sure whether it is necessary to enter character zero or the letter O and the distribution of letters Y / Z on your keyboard.

For smooth operation, we recommend the following tested web browsers and their versions in the Windows environment:

  • Google Chrome version 43 and higher
  • Internet Explorer version 9 and higher
  • Opera 30 and higher
  • Firefox 52.0.x.

If you use Internet Explorer, it is necessary to adjust the security settings of the browser as follows:

  • Open Internet Explorer browser
  • In the browser settings, select Internet Options
  • Select the tab Security
  • Deactivate the setting Enable Protected Mode
  • Confirm change of setting by clicking the button Apply

Repeat the entire process of identification by an identity card on the pages of e-services.

If the previous option does not give you the desired results, it is necessary to adjust the settings of the Windows system as follows:

  • Open the Control Panel and select User Accounts
  • Select Change User Account Control settings
  • Set the slider to Never notify
  • Confirm modification of the setting by clicking the OK button

Repeat the entire process of identification by an identity card on the pages of e-services.

Unfortunately, Windows XP is not supported by the operating system to install the eID Middleware software package since it is not supported by the manufacturer since 8 April 2014. The software package eID Middleware is available for Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7 and higher versions), Ubuntu Linux operating system (16.04.2 and higher versions) and Macintosh OS X (10.11 El Capitan and higher versions). Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of operating systems are supported for Windows and Ubuntu Linux OS, and 64-bit version for Macintosh OS X.

Activation of eOI is required if you want to use the electronic part of your card, for example, to log on to the electronic services available in the e-citizens system. Activation of the card is not required if the eOI is used for identification purposes in the usual way, for example, for identification when applying for other personal document in the bank, at border crossings and the like.

The identity card is an electronic public document to which to which all Croatian citizens have the right regardless of their age and whether they have or do not have a permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia.

It serves as a proof of the holder’s identity, Croatian nationality, sex, date of birth and place of residence. It is a mandatory document for Croatian citizens over 18 years of age with registered residence in the Republic of Croatia. Persons under 18 years of age do not need to have an identity card, but can obtain it by their parents as legal representatives.

Croatian citizens who do not have permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, regardless of their age, do not need to have a Croatian identity card, but can obtain it if they wish.

The electronic identity card (eOI) provides electronic identification and electronic signature, as well as secure access to electronic services of public administration, the use of electronic signatures, online access to official documents and forms, and the possibility to use other services in the field of e-services.

The previous identity card was used exclusively for physical identification of Croatian citizens. The new eOI has an embedded chip containing identification certificate used for securing electronic authentication of identity of the person to whom it was issued and an authentication to access electronic services and the signature certificate that is used to support an advanced electronic signature which has the same legal effect and replaces personal signature in accordance with the law that regulates electronic signature.

Both certificates can be used in combination with a personal PIN.

The period of validity for identity cards and certificates is five years, except for identity cards issued to people over 65 years of age which are issued without the validity period.

There are four categories of identity cards, namely for children under the age of 5 years, for children aged 5 to 18 years, for people between 18 and 65 years of age and identity cards for persons older than 65 years.

Before you start using your eOI, you need, of course, your eOI, the initial data for the application and activation contained in the security envelope that you obtained from the police administration / police station where you have applied for an identity card, a free software package eID Middleware, a computer with Internet access and a smart card reader.

Initial data for registration and activation consist of the initial password and the initial PIN. You will need them to register your account on My eOI which is mandatory after the first issuance of electronic identity card, or to activate the eOI, which is carried out for each issued identity card.

These data are contained within the security envelope that you received during the issuance of your electronic identity cards in the police administration/ police station where you submitted the application for issuance.

You can register your user’s account via My eOI Portal. When delivering an electronic identity card in the police administration/police station where you applied for its issuance, you will obtain the envelope containing the initial password for the registration of an account during your first visit to the Portal. Registration is initiated by selecting a link to My eOI.

After modifying the initial password and successful login with the new password that you have selected, you will access your private account. Registration of a user’s account on My eOI is mandatory after the first issuance of electronic identity card. During each subsequent issuance of identity cards, this step will not have to be repeated.

After successful registration and selection of personal access data, you can always access your user’s account by selecting the link My eOI.

When logging to My eOI, take into consideration the following:

  • After 6 consecutive attempts to enter the wrong password, your user’s account will be temporarily locked. If you have forgotten your password to access your user’s account, a request to obtain a new password can be sent via e-mail.
  • After logging to My eOI portal, at any time, you can change your e-mail address and telephone number. This e-mail address will be used to send a new password if you forget it.
  • If you have forgotten your password and you can not use the registered e-mail address, you can visit the police administration/police station in which you have applied for an identity card and submit a request to change the e-mail address.

Software package eID Middleware integrates eOI card to a computer using its functionality and is free and available to all citizens registered on eOI Portal.

After downloading the software package, you need to install it on your computer. To ensure the success of the installation, please follow the instructions for use that you have downloaded together with the software package.

Any person who is issued an electronic identity card for the first time and each subsequent time, must activate the card. After successful registration of your user’s account, you will download and install a free eID Middleware software package.

After this procedure, you will activate your eOI through an application that will be installed on the computer. The main purpose of the activation of your eOI is setting up a PIN to protect the identification of the private key and a special PIN to protect the signature private key, as well as the PUK to be used in the event that any PIN is locked.

Important: After setting up PINs and a PUK, you are obliged to protect such data from theft, loss, alteration, compromising and unauthorized use. If you write them down, make sure to store them in a safe place. Do not keep the recorded data on your PINs and PUK number with your eOI!

The suspension of the certificate is the same as the revocation of the certificate, except that the suspension is required in cases where it can be expected that within the prescribed period the reason for the suspension will disappear due to which it will be possible to submit a request for its withdrawal.

The request for a suspension of the certificate is submitted upon the establishment of current circumstances (disappearance or suspicion of misuse of eOI) which require that certificate be suspended no later than 2 days from the occurrence of the said circumstances. The request for suspension of the certificate can be made in person, using electronic services My eOI available to you on the Portal eOI or by submitting a request to the police administration.

In the event of termination of the reasons for the suspension of the certificate within 8 days of the request for suspension, you can request withdrawal of the suspension of the certificate. The request for withdrawal of suspension of the certificate can be done through eOI Portal, in person or at the police administration.

The revocation of a certificate means the annulment of the validity of the issued certificate. If reasons have appeared for the revocation of a certificate (termination of validity of eID before the expiry of the period for which the eOI was issued, as required by the Law on Identity Cards, malfunction, damage, loss or misuse of eOI) you are required to request a revocation within 2 days after the change has occurred.

The revocation of a certificate can be made only personally by submitting a request at the police administration/police station.

After submitting the request for revocation of the certificate, it is no longer possible to withdraw or renew the certificate and it is necessary to apply for a new certificate or to apply for a new identity card.

Immediately after the certificate has been revoked, the information about the revoked certificate shall be published in the List of revoked certificates with certification service providers.

If you have forgotten your password to access your user’s account, or if you have made six consecutive attempts when you signed on My eOI Portal and have entered the wrong password, the account will be temporarily locked.

In this case, you may request a new password by e-mail. If you have forgotten your password and you can not use the registered e-mail address, you can visit the competent police administration/police station where you will apply for a change of e-mail address.

You are obliged to report immediately any disappearance, suspected abuse or finding of an identification card to the nearest police administration/police station. Based on the report, a missing identity card will get the status of invalid identification card, and then the request for suspension of the certificate will automatically be made. For the purpose of suspension of the certificate, the disappearance of a personal identity card or doubt to misuse can be reported through My eOI Portal. In order to make the suspension of certificates in this way, the person proves his/her identity over the access data to his/her user’s account on eOI Portal and after checking the identity, certificates will be suspended.

The suspension can be withdrawn through eOI Portal or in the police administration/police station if eOI is not found within eight days. If the suspension is not withdrawn within this period, the certificate will be automatically revoked and the person will have to submit a new application for the issuance of identity card.

It is important to note that the person who reported a missing identity card using eOI Portal shall subsequently, as soon as possible, report the missing identity cards to the nearest police administration/police station as well.