Welcome to the website of the Electronic Identity Card (eOI) for citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

Each eOI contains personally identifiable information that are printed on the surface of the card and which are electronically stored in the chip card.

Depending on their age, a person can obtain a private and public key on the eOI chip, as well as the pertaining certificate.

  • eOI issued to persons above age 5 and under 18 contains an identity certificate
  • eOI issued to persons over 18 years of age contains signature certificate in addition to the identity certificate
  • People older than 65 years may obtain eOI with or without a certificate, at their request

You can find out more about the certificates here.

Croatian electronic identity card has all the functionalities of European Citizens Card which makes it interoperable and appropriate for the use in e-commerce at national and European levels.

Individuals are required to use and carefully keep eOI, and to take appropriate measures to protect it against misuse or unauthorized use of the private key.


Using the eOI

Before using eOI, a person is required to:

  • register at the eOI Portal My eOI
  • download and install a software package eID Middleware
  • activate the electronic part of the eOI

Before using eOI, carefully read the instructions and be fully informed on the correct mode of installation, activation and usage of eOI.