Suspension of certificates

The request for suspension of the certificate shall be submitted immediately after establishing circumstances that require their suspension.

Request for a suspension of the certificate may be submitted:

  • personally, by using electronic services on My eOI Portal
  • by submitting a request in the police administration/police station


Reasons for the suspension of the certificate are as follows:

  • suspicion of loss or theft of identity card
  • suspicion of misuse or unauthorized use of the private key
  • inability to timely arrive to the police administration/police station to submit a request for revocation of the certificate


The withdrawal of the suspension of certificates

The reason for the withdrawal of the suspension of certificate is finding eOI, or termination of reasons for which suspension of the certificate had been requested.

In the event of termination of reasons for the suspension of the certificate, a person may, within 8 days from the submission of request for suspension, request the withdrawal of the suspension of the certificate.

After the withdrawal of the suspension, the certificate will become valid again and it will be possible to use it again.


If a person does not submit a request for withdrawal of suspension of the certificate within 8 days, the certificate will be permanently revoked and it will no longer be possible to use it.
In this case, the person should apply for a new certificate or a new identity card.