Types and validity of eOI

The period of validity for identity cards and certificates is five years, except for identity cards issued to people over 65 years of age which are issued without the expiry period.

Identity card for children up to 5 years

  • Identity cards issued to children under the age of 5 do not contain certificates and are issued for the period of 5 years from the time of issue.

Identity card for children aged 5-18 years

  • Identity cards issued to children from age 5 to 18 years contain an identification certificate for electronic authentication in various procedures related to primary and secondary education. The card can also be used as a travel document for crossing state borders of the European Union and other countries that allow it.

Identity card for people aged 18-65 years

  • Identity cards issued to people from age 18 to 65 contain identification and signature certificate.

Identity card for persons older than 65 years

  • People from 65 years of age and above may, at their own request, obtain an identity card with or without a certificate. A person who reached the age of 65 who obtains an identity card containing a certificate, may, by the termination of the period of validity of the certificate of five years, continue to use the identity card considering it was issued without the validity period to confirm the identity, but it will not be possible to make an electronic verification of their identity and will not be able to use the identity card for making advanced electronic signatures.
  • If, after the expiry of the certificate, a person still wishes to use the identity card to secure electronic verification of his/her identity and for advanced electronic signatures (as electronic document), the person in question will have to apply for a new identity card.