Terms of use for My eOI Portal

When registering on the My eOI Portal, it is necessary to know the following:

  • After 6 consecutive attempts to enter the wrong password, the user account will be temporarily locked. If you have forgotten your password to access your user account, request to obtain a new password can be sent via e-mail.
  • After logging in to My eOI Portal, at any time, you can change your e-mail address and telephone number. This e-mail address will be used to send a new password if you forget it.
  • If you have forgotten your password and you can not use the registered e-mail address, you can visit the police administration/ police station in which you have applied for an identity card and submit a request to change the e-mail address.


Make sure that your contact information (e-mail address and telephone number) on My eOI Portal are always up to date.