What happens if I lose my identity card?

You are obliged to report immediately any disappearance, suspected abuse or finding of an identification card to the nearest police administration/police station. Based on the report, a missing identity card will get the status of invalid identification card, and then the request for suspension of the certificate will automatically be made. For the purpose of suspension of the certificate, the disappearance of a personal identity card or doubt to misuse can be reported through My eOI Portal. In order to make the suspension of certificates in this way, the person proves his/her identity over the access data to his/her user’s account on eOI Portal and after checking the identity, certificates will be suspended.

The suspension can be withdrawn through eOI Portal or in the police administration/police station if eOI is not found within eight days. If the suspension is not withdrawn within this period, the certificate will be automatically revoked and the person will have to submit a new application for the issuance of identity card.

It is important to note that the person who reported a missing identity card using eOI Portal shall subsequently, as soon as possible, report the missing identity cards to the nearest police administration/police station as well.