What does it mean to revoke a certificate?

The revocation of a certificate means the annulment of the validity of the issued certificate. If reasons have appeared for the revocation of a certificate (termination of validity of eID before the expiry of the period for which the eOI was issued, as required by the Law on Identity Cards, malfunction, damage, loss or misuse of eOI) you are required to request a revocation within 2 days after the change has occurred.

The revocation of a certificate can be made only personally by submitting a request at the police administration/police station.

After submitting the request for revocation of the certificate, it is no longer possible to withdraw or renew the certificate and it is necessary to apply for a new certificate or to apply for a new identity card.

Immediately after the certificate has been revoked, the information about the revoked certificate shall be published in the List of revoked certificates with certification service providers.