How to activate your eOI?

Any person who is issued an electronic identity card for the first time and each subsequent time, must activate the card. After successful registration of your user’s account, you will download and install a free eID Middleware software package.

After this procedure, you will activate your eOI through an application that will be installed on the computer. The main purpose of the activation of your eOI is setting up a PIN to protect the identification of the private key and a special PIN to protect the signature private key, as well as the PUK to be used in the event that any PIN is locked.

Important: After setting up PINs and a PUK, you are obliged to protect such data from theft, loss, alteration, compromising and unauthorized use. If you write them down, make sure to store them in a safe place. Do not keep the recorded data on your PINs and PUK number with your eOI!